30th November 2017


19th March 2017


The way you sway the way you mingle makes my little heart tingle


Drowning in the sea but my body is 80% water should I not float? I keep being told to drink more water so that’s what I’ve been doing recently, my friends and girlfriend are worried about my health they say I’m drinking too much but when i say drinking i mean the other type of drinking. Why would I want to drink more water when I already feel like I’m drowning?

Coral Studies.

21st Febuary 2017

Studio Purchase Agreement


Following the selling of my studio space on ebay in this blogpost is all the documentation and evidence that the purchase is legal and official. I wish atticus all the best with his newly bought space. If you would like to get involved or help with sharing the word about The Glasgow School Of Art email me: clellandsarah@gmail.com.

This work is looking at Art Education Critically students are being treated as numbers.

I’ve had 1 crit this year and 2 tutorials that is a total of 1hour 40minutes time discussing my work with tutors over the course of 6 months. I’m paying £1,820 a year in tuition and taking over £3,000 a year in loans as a scottish student. International students are paying up to £27,750 A YEAR in tution fees for the same education. Staff and students feel the same frustration the cuts in workshop access, term time and staff come are coming from the top. Change come from action this work is here to open the conversation.




atticus in space




footage of the journey through the studio to room where contract was signed below.