31st March 2017

Club Performance as Bana- Bhuidseach at Bum Notes, The Flying Duck




Everything photographed aside from guitar is 100% homemade down to the paper mache horns.


29th March 2017

18217792_1878498925509982_33111007_n                   18254199_1878498875509987_668209746_n

Preping for performance at the flying duck under the name Bana-Bhuidseach (Gaelic for witch)

These horns are 100% papermache, duck tape and hot glue. Dress rehearsal below.

19th March 2017


The way you sway the way you mingle makes my little heart tingle


Drowning in the sea but my body is 80% water should I not float? I keep being told to drink more water so that’s what I’ve been doing recently, my friends and girlfriend are worried about my health they say I’m drinking too much but when i say drinking i mean the other type of drinking. Why would I want to drink more water when I already feel like I’m drowning?

Coral Studies.