12th December 2016


Flamboyant Gentleman Performance @ The Old Hairdressers 

The Art School’s Feminist Society held an exhibition with the theme of internationalization.

I was thinking about inter-sectional feminism and the things that effect me and the people around me the most when it comes to inequality. The trans* and non-binary community still have a long way to go when it comes to things like pronouns and even taking a piss in public. It’s fucking ridiculous.


The performance involved me playing the synth I was going for a kind of deconstructed techno, the idea being that in the past club kids and people of all different gender expressions have always been loved and embraced in the club.

You  go on a night out  and you don’t give a shit who you’re partying with you feel the music and the vibe.


I was wearing a white morph suite with painted lemons on my nipples and  yellow beard/hair/brows. The sign on the right I used in the performance. (pic on right by Candy Tracey)

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