28th November 2016




The Art School have been taking more and more students in in the past couple year my year included there are 79 of us in Painting & Printmaking Year 2 (2016/2017).

You might think oh that’s great more education for more people but when a school is built for a certain number of students you notice the decline in student happiness immediately.

There aren’t enough places in workshops in our own department let alone if I would like to learn casting (part of SEA department). We don’t get to learn the skills we would like or need.

The Tontine studio being so far away from the rest of the garnethill campus separates the community and makes things like equipment book outs, library books and lectures more difficult.

The stress on the staff is obvious, we get an 30 minutes to an hour with a tutor every couple of months if we are lucky.

It’s hard to stay motivated when you’re own art schools motivation is not with its students.

This affects me more personally because I’ve been trying to transfer to Sculpture and Environmental Art since year 1. I was in conversation with both departments and after being told to think about my decision and offered a place on the course when I made the decision I was told the course was now full. I would be able to accept this more easily but after researching I found that there were places  just not for me, a Scottish student in a scottish school because I’m not bringing gsa the funds an international student is.



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