31st October 2016


BONJO‘s first gig

Instruments used: Synth, Guitar, Walking Stick, Wooden Spoon, Soup Pot, Vocoder, Digital Piano.

We love our fans and we love our Gnomes ūüôā¬†


25th October 2016


Highlights from my london trip with the School.

2016’s Turner Prize @ the tate

It was magical to see Louise Bourgeois, Anish Kapoor, Marina Abramovic and Guerrilla Girls in the flesh.


Marc Camille Chaimowicz – Celebration Real Life @ Serpentine Gallery


           Cindy Sherman   

14th October 2016

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In the studio

First imagine is a drum skin I found in a skip round the corner from the tontine studio, this year I’m going be working with only materials I’ve found or have cost nothing to me. BONJO are preparing for their first gig the night of halloween.

Right image is of my studio wall as I try to plan out some ideas for projects.

12th October 2016

Just like that new order song it was monday and god was I feeling BLUE.

Being stuck in a department that is not my first love got me thinking a lot about the medium of paint, all it’s properties and things like that.

When Paul Delaroche said painting is dead in 1839 he missed all the fun things in the medium that happened since (Modernism, Post-Modernism, Expressionism, Abstract Expressionism, Pop Art ETC).



Info on the death of painting

Traditionally painting is for the elite and people of status, the people art would help the most often ¬†don’t have access to it.

Now adays body modification, tattooing, contouring and things like that are all the rage and widely accepted. Young people are so obsessed with beauty and beauty products, what if someone had blue skin y’know.

People have ¬†painted on three dimensional things, sculptural paintings and Keith Harring with his body painting. I’m really into the ones with the similar background installation the person in the space, personal space and you being your surroundings. The image below I’m especially into for the use of domestic items like the table/lamp/sofa, This was made for a spread in vanity fair I’m sure.


*image above is not mine*

Anyways when there are all these questions about what qualifies as art I’m getting more into the idea that documentation of living and ideas is what qualifies it for me.

Your body is a canvas pal just let that acrylic layer sink in and hydrate the skin.