30th November 2017


19th November 2017

Narrated Lives

We are who we say we are, independently of any reality other than that of our intellect.

Protagonists through conviction or by reason of social events have effectively been forced to leave the mainstream of existence and have been compelled to (re)invent themselves. To understand through becoming and reclaiming.

Identity, the construction of the subject.

To talk is to give oneself, to create an image of oneself, to allow oneself to be represented linguistically. I come into being through this talk about myself.

Rune Gade in Kutlagataman Long Streams “Who speaks? Women, we are forced to admit”

“why am I saying all this? she asks herself at one point, in a sudden, metareflexive interpolation after having spoken in one of her ecstasies. “Because I want to talk about my voiced how I became what I am,” she replies.
Their speaking finds nourishment in the objects with which they surround themselves and which they conversely imbues with life and meaning through speaking.

We are not meant to listen from start to finish.

A fiction of reality that allows us to realise through introspection that words create the people. Perhaps we are changed by listening to them.

14th November 2017

Frames around a tale

Claustrophobic closet play, the camera is the feeling of confinement and frustrating immobility creating a space of unbearable intimacy.
The close hand held camera or webcam invading.

Ritual transformation of the exterior, the place where a mask is patiently applied, thus recreating the exterior.

spend their existence in the wardrobe, they are irritatingly aware of their own uneasiness. In ceaseless motion between destructive demolition and constructive remodelling the tragedy behind the surface an exaggeration of the camouflage.

“But I am made unlike any one I have ever met; I will even venture to say that I am like no one in the whole world. I may be no better, but at least I am different.”

Individual experience is among the most convincing testaments to authenticity

Perfect Individuality, at least in theoretical terms, is often held up as the most desirable state of being.

Whatever the fuck that means.